A introduction of Doorhotel Blog by Moku the Backpacker

Dear readers, I am Moku and I come from Ukraine (East Europe). I landed in India in 2010 and since that I have been living in Pushkar. Now I work as a local bakery owner and have a staff of 3 members (including me). My renaming staff changes a lot as they are backpackers from my part of the world and they are here to explore India and its beauty. So in 2014 I met with eva who gave me an idea to start a City Guide blog and where I can invite travellers and hoteliers to write about India in their words.

Indian Cities Image

Indian Cities

So I started dorohotel.com which was once a Hotel Website and now I own it. So if you think that you can write good blogs on Indian tourist destination or can help peopl by guiding them about local Indian cities that you are welcomed. With that being said I will close this article and you can contact me at moku@dorohotel.com.